Introducing: Dropbase AI - The Prompt-Based App Builder for Developers

Dropbase lets developers build web apps and backend operations software, with AI prompts. Dropbase is a developer platform for building custom internal tools and backend operations software, fast and painless. Leave your low-code/no-code frustrations behind.

Dropbase is the first prompt-based app building platform that is natively built for AI. It’s a new kind of experience for building web apps, internal tools, and backend operations software fast.

What's our vision for Dropbase AI?

Our vision is to build an AI software engineer that actually works, starting with a specialized software engineer that is an expert at building web apps for internal use cases. To bring this vision to life, we created our own web framework that is designed to take advantage of the capabilities of GPT models.

What we're launching today is just the beginning. This first version has all the basic components you need to build internal web apps. In the upcoming months, we will release more UI components, including graphs and charts, add storage, workflows and background tasks, the ability to work with any third party API, granular permissions, authentication, and audit logs.


With Dropbase, you can prompt with natural language and our AI generates code that deeply understands how to build apps with our own web framework that’s specifically designed for internal web apps.

Unlike existing platforms where their “AI” just means that they generate small code snippets or give you widgets that can make GPTs calls, Dropbase AI can actually write ALL the code needed to build your apps end-to-end.

Dropbase is built for developers. It is self-hosted, local-first, Python-based, and deeply integrates with your codebase and CI/CD. Best of all, it’s free for developers!

You can use Dropbase to quickly build anything from admin panels, billing dashboards, and internal engineering tools that can fetch data and trigger action across any internal or external service.

Give it a try today!

How it works

1. Declare UI, get a live preview

declare ui with natural language, get ui preview
Declare UI components with natural language

2. Drag and drop to adjust position, if needed

drag and drop to adjust position of UI components
Adjust components with drag-and-drop. Components can be added via the UI as well

3. Describe the behavior you want to achieve. Dropbase AI generates the required code

describe behavior to build app logic
Describe behavior you need to achieve. Dropbase generates code you can review and edit

4. Run code and use the traceback to debug if needed

test and debug app using code running and traceback
Use the traceback feature to debug manually typed code

5. Your app is ready. Preview and launch!

preview, launch, and share app
Instantly preview apps

See it in action

What are the problems with existing platforms?

Existing low-code/no code tools confine developers to building app logic by filling up UI forms with endless settings and configs. The result is massive learning curves. In fact, many orgs using them have entire teams dedicated to building and maintaining apps.

Developers also want the flexibility to just write a few lines of code that helps them achieve the functions they want. Existing platforms aren’t flexible enough to do this. In some cases they allow it, but code is saved as separate snippets that are a nightmare to manage and keep track of.

Finally, existing tools make it hard to integrate with other services: you often need to wait on them to add an integration before you can use it.

How are we different?

We can promise you won’t need a dedicated team or an external consultant to build with Dropbase. Even your product managers will be able to build with Dropbase.

Dropbase combines the convenience of drag-and-drop UI builders with the flexibility of coding. Dropbase AI generates app code based on what you want to achieve. Developers can then review, approve, or edit the generated code to suit their use case. This makes it easy for developers to learn the platform by observing how the AI adds code to build an app.  Dropbase apps are easy to build, customize, and maintain, because everything is code and your entire app can be controlled with just 2 files (one of UI and one for logic).

Why Dropbase?

  1. Generate or write any custom app logic with code
  2. Built-in web framework with pre-built UI components - no need to hassle with frontend libraries/code
  3. Local-first, self-hosted, private (no creds are shared with us)
  4. Dropbase lives in your codebase, making it easy to import or reuse custom scripts/libraries
  5. It's built on Python and you can import any PyPI package

Live events

We are hosting 2 live sessions to where you can get an exclusive look at what we've built, directly from the founders. We'll have

  • Live Demos: Watch our cofounders showcase the powerful features of Dropbase AI.
  • Product Roadmap: Get an inside look at the future plans and vision for the product.
  • Q&A Session: Have your questions answered by the cofounders of Dropbase.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Learn about the journey of designing and building Dropbase AI.

Event details

LinkedIn Live @ 10am PT

Discord Live Stage @ 12pm (Noon) PT

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Insights and updates from the Dropbase team.
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