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Automate spreadsheet workflows

Never clean the same spreadsheet data twice. Dropbase remembers your import settings and cleaning steps. Reduce time spent in repetitive and manual spreadsheet operations.

Dropbase featured image with highlight of main features

Move data between teams & systems

Easily move spreadsheet data between teams or incompatible systems, minus the headache. Request data from customers and partners or receive it via email. Import and map data exported from one system to another.

Request data from external parties with Dropzone Data Requests by Dropbase

Manage master datasets

Merge and manage all your CSV and Excel data in a central database. Easily filter, sort, and search through large data tables using a simple spreadsheet interface.

Database Manager, filter, view data

Query spreadsheet data with SQL

Import CSV and Excel files to a managed Postgres SQL database that your can spin up with 1 click. Query or analyze your data and create views with your resulting queries.

Query data using SQL blocks

Connect your data to no-code app builders or data tools

Get a database that integrates with no-code, low-code app builders out-of-the-box. Demo your products with your custom datasets. It's time you got a real database to work with.

Integrations to various analytics and data apps

Platform Features

Feature highlights of the Dropbase Platform
Validation & Checks.
Clean and validate your mesy data.
Column Mapper.
Smart mapping of columns in database.
Merge data.
Easily keep golden datasets up to date.
Email data directly to your database.
Team workspaces.
Collaborate on data with your team.
Spreadsheet UI.
See how your data looks as you process it.
No-code functions.
Drag-and-drop pre-built cleaning steps.
Custom functions.
Add custom query steps in SQL.
Connect database to your favorite BI tool or data app.
Code-free imports.
Import to database with just a few clicks.
Database access.
Get full access to database credentials.
File compatibility.
Import from CSVs or Excel files.
and many more.
Automate your CSV and Excel data operations today.


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