Turn CSV
files to live databases, instantly.

Centralize offline data.

Import files. Process and clean up data. Export to a live database with 1 click.

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Streamline data workflows.

  Centralize offline data and make it accessible to your team.


Bring offline files to Dropbase.

Multiple formats. Any way you like.

Process and format data.

Add, edit, re-order, and delete processing steps.

1-click exports.

Export to database, endpoints, or download code with 1 click.

Instant REST API access.

Query Dropbase data securely with REST API access keys.
Use Cases

Why Dropbase?

Data Onboarding & Migration

Onboard data where you need it.

Combine and process datasets to fit the desired format or data model.
Most people start working on spreadsheets due to their simplicity. As operations mature, you need to combine files and move them to a specialized system, such as CRMs, BI tools, or custom web applications.

Dropbase simplifies this workflow, helping you combine, join, or blend various data sources to fit the format required by your target application.
Data Integration and Management

Bring data to 1 place.

Move offline files to a central location and easily share it with teams.
Having a single place for data scientists and analysts reduces errors and improves quality of data. Stop emailing CSVs and Excel files around.

Dropbase lets you import data files and enable access to ready-to-consume data to teammates. All from a single location.
Data Cleaning & Preparation

Get your data ready for insights.

Spend less time cleaning and preparing data.
Preparing data for analytics and machine learning takes time. It means less time to work on generating insights from the data.

With Dropbase, prepare and clean data with a few clicks. And when you're done, save or share your processing steps.
A New Way to Process Offline Data

The Dropbase Experience



Bring CSV and Excel files to Dropbase



Apply processing steps to format data



1-click export to database

No code.

  Process your data pipelines using a spreadsheet interface. Track every step.


Use a library of pre-built processing functions. Or write your own.

1-click exports.

 Export to database or generate endpoints with 1 click.


All Dropbase features

Spreadsheet view.
See how your data looks as you process it.
No-code functions.
Easily process your data through UI.
1-click exports.
Turn your data into a database or REST APIs.
Custom functions.
Apply complex processing steps.
File compatibility.
Import from CSVs, Excel, XML, and JSON.
Code exports.
Export code for any processing step.
Multiple pipelines.
Process the same data with different steps.
Share data.
Generate endpoints and share with your data team.
Manage databases.
Manage and databases and credentials.

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Bring all your offline data online.

Import, transform, and load your CSVs and spreadsheets to a live database.
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