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The safest, quickest way to edit data and import CSV files in your database

Enable teams to bulk edit data and import CSV/Excel files directly in your database, safely. No more custom scripts, (re)building admin panels, or back-and-forth between teams.

and more.

How it works



the prod tables and columns you need to update



data or import CSVs by inviting editors



data to your database in one-click

The best admin panel on earth is the spreadsheet

Why waste dev time (re)building admin panels or internal tools just to toggle a flag in your database. Edit data in your directly using a spreadsheet UI.

Database Manager, filter, view data

Safely edit prod DBs via a spreadsheet UI with app-level data validations

Validate every edit, update, or data import to the database in the same way your app or admin panel would. No edits can be committed to the database without passing validations.

Confidently sync tables to prod DB with git-like features

Review changes made, individually approve/reject edits, and easily merge data into prod tables via one-click syncs. Every change is logged and audited.

Stop building admin panels that become outdated quickly. Learn how Dropbase helps move your operations faster.


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