Build internal tools with just Python


Build fullstack web apps for your internal teams. Import existing Python scripts and quickly layer UIs and granular permissions on top.

Dropbase internal tools builder for Python developers
and any REST API.

Works with your existing .py scripts

Instead of re-writing your scripts to fit yet another framework, Dropbase just works with them. Layer a beautifully designed UI atop all your .py scripts or runbooks.

Designed to get the job done, effectively.

An opinionated app layout that simplifies app development. Build admin panels to look up customers and edit seats or Stripe billing dashboards to edit subscriptions and refund payments.

Production-ready, fullstack apps. All Python.

Extend Smart Tables with Functions. Express yourself fully using Python. Use numpy and pandas, or custom Python libraries.

Granular permissions for surgical app control.

Surgically control end-user access on an app-by-app basis. Assign app permissions to users or groups. Control who can view, edit or own any app.

Turn any SQL SELECT into an admin panel with Smart Tables.

Convert any SQL select statement into an admin panel that lets you search and edit your data. It even works with JOIN statements without writing any additional queries or functions. Build admin panels in seconds.

Dropbase Studio.
Write, debug, and preview your apps in one place
UI Components.
Select UI components from a dropdown
All Python.
Write any function in Python. Get full code flexibility
Code completion.
Built-in Python LSP to speed up development
Smart Tables.
Turn any SQL into an inline editable tables
Instant deploys.
Apps automatically deployed as you build them
Synced state.
Client-server share state. No need to write React
Python libraries.
Access libraries such as numpy and pandas
Connect Postgres or any internal or external REST API
Build apps for your customer success and ops teams today