Automatically collect, clean, and centralize data.

Dropbase is the only solution that automates the collection, cleaning, storage, and transformation of CSV data in a single platform.

How it Works


Onboard and request data seamlessly

Request data from external partners faster than ever. Data requests are automatically ingested, cleaned and loaded straight to your database -- no file conversion needed.

Request data from external parties with Dropzone Data Requests by Dropbase


Move your data to a secure database, instantly

Databases are powerful but they are complicated to set up without help from engineering or IT. Import data from CSVs, Excel files, and online sources into a secure Dropbase database with a few clicks.

Turn CSVs to live databases instantly with Dropbase


Never clean the same data twice

We don't like cleaning those weekly CSV exports again (and again). Neither do you. Use Dropbase to automate your data cleaning and processing by setting up automated cleaning pipelines.

Never clean the same data from CSV, Excel or online source twice.


Collaborate with teams to automatically transform data

Grant team members different levels of access to collaborate on data securely within your Workspace. Team members can edit data, comment inline or approve / reject changes - no more sifting through emails or messages.

Invite collaborators to dropbase as viewers, editors, and admins


Integrate with your favorite tools

Get the data you need and funnel it where you need it. We instantly grant database credentials to approved users so you can quickly and safely connect your Dropbase database to your favorite BI tools, app builders, custom data pipelines and more.

Connect to your favorite analytics, BI tools, custom apps, and internal app builders

Platform Features

Feature highlights of the Dropbase Platform
Data requests.
Request data from internal and external partners.
Team workspaces.
Collaborate on data with your team.
Spreadsheet UI.
See how your data looks as you process it.
No-code functions.
Drag-and-drop pre-built cleaning steps.
Custom functions.
Add custom transformation steps in SQL.
Connect database to your favorite BI tool or data app.
1-click exports.
Move your data into a cloud data warehouse.
Database access.
Get full access to database credentials.
File compatibility.
Import from CSVs or Excel files.


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October 28, 2021
Narayan Subramoniam