How to migrate from to an alternative platform

This blog post shares the 3 ways we assist Airplane customers looking to migrate to alternative platforms, including videos on how to rebuild Airplane apps in Dropbase.

As you may already know, Airtable is acquiring Airplane and shutting down the product on March 1, 2024. This means Airplane customers will have to migrate their UIs and tasks to an alternative platform over the next 2 months.

Airtable acquires Airplane announcement

During a discussion on Hacker News on January 4th about the Airplane acquisition, we immediately added this comment offering to help Airplane customers

Dropbase post on HackerNews offering help migrating from Airplane

Over the last 3 days, we’ve been working to come up with additional ways to help. This post summarizes what we are doing:

1. Advice on alternatives to Airplane to migrate to

Let us know your use cases and we’ll use our experience with the various alternative platforms to help you choose the right one. For example, Retool is great for UIs, Dropbase shares the code-centric approach of Airplane, but with a much faster way to build UIs and Views. Superblocks is great for workload automation flexibility

Here’s a chart that places each platform based on the following criteria:

  • Quick UI: How fast it it to build UIs and Views
  • Run scripts/tasks: Does the platform allow you to use scripts or easily code up tasks that can be triggered via UI components
  • Trigger schedules: Does the platform allow you to trigger schedules or cron jobs
  • Workflow flexibility: How flexible and expressive is building workflow/workload automation with the platform
  • Code-centricity: Is the platform code centric or no code? Which side does the platform lean towards?
  • Learning curve: How fast is it to learn to use the platform
  • Time-to-app: How fast can you build an app with the platform
Airplane app platform criteria radar
Dropbase app platform criteria radar
Retool app platform criteria radar
Superblocks app platform criteria radar

2. Provide engineering support to migrate to Airplane alternative

We have limited capacity to offer some engineering support to complete migrations to alternative platforms, even if it’s not to Dropbase. Reach out at

We are in the position to offer engineering help to rebuild

3. Videos on how to migrate to Dropbase, an Airplane alternative

Dropbase shares Airplane vision of a code-centric app builder. You can automate tasks in a similar way to how you’d do it in Airplane, but you can build UIs way faster and easier with Dropbase.

We scanned the Airplane Templates and selected the most used popular ones to rebuild on Dropbase.

Here’s a list of app templates, each with a video tutorial on how to rebuild on Dropbase so you can migrate from Airplane faster.

Admin panel

Airplane Admin Panel app template

Rebuilding Admin Panel in Dropbase

Stripe Billing Dashboard

Airplane Billing Dashboard app template

Rebuilding Stripe Billing Dashboard in Dropbase

Support Ticketing Dashboard

Airplane Ticketing Dashboard app template

Rebuilding Ticketing Dashboard in Dropbase

Feature Flagging Dashboard

Airplane Feature Flagging Dashboard app template

Rebuilding Feature Flagging Dashboard in Dropbase

Postgres Admin Panel

Airplane Postgres Admin Panel app template

Rebuilding Postgres Admin Panel in Dropbase

AI Database Explorer

Airplane AI Database Explorer app template

Rebuilding AI Database Explorer in Dropbase

CRM Dashboard

Airplane CRM Dashboard app template

Rebuilding CRM Dashboard in Dropbase

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