AI Internal Tools Builder

Build Backend Operations Software, AI Fast.

Dropbase is a developer platform for building custom backend operations software, fast and painless. Leave your low-code/no-code frustrations behind.

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Integrates with all your tools

Our custom tools and dashboards can trigger actions across all your existing CRM, billing, and support tools
Spend 10x less time supporting each customer

Admin Panels

Admin panels that help automate support requests to change passwords, edit access, lookup customers or orders

Simplify the process of onboarding new users

Approval Dashboards

Approval dashboards help onboard new customers, review their applications and approve or reject them

Update records in your backend like a spreadsheet

Data Editors

Data editors let you ops teams quickly edit data about users, orders, shipments, or products with a spreadsheet interface

Restart or manage your cloud services

Cloud Consoles

Cloud consoles let you monitor, restart, and manage cloud infrastructure or resources such as servers or databases

Send templated customer notifications with 1 click

Notification Systems

A notification system makes it easy to send email or SMS notifications to your users as a result of actions taken

AI Studio.
Write, debug, and preview your apps in one place
UI Components.
All the essential UI components for your internal software
All Python.
Write any function in Python. Get full code flexibility
Code generation.
Write code, AI fast. Generate, preview, and edit code
Lives in your codebase.
Reuse existing functions, APIs, or ORM models
Self-hosted, dev friendly.
Works with your existing CI/CD and dev workflows
Synced State.
Client-server share state. No need to write React
Python libraries.
Access libraries such as numpy and pandas
Connect Postgres or any internal or external REST API
Start build backend operations software with AI today