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Edit Hubspot, Postgres, and Stripe data all at once via spreadsheets

Bring together data from across your databases, web apps, and APIs to easily make edits via a simple spreadsheet UI.

A screenshot of Dropbase connected tables and smart tables with data from Hubspot, Postgres, and Stripe
and more integrations.

What is a Unified Data Editor (UDE)?

A Unified Data Editor (UDE) is a cloud-based data editor that connects to production databases, web apps, and APIs. UDEs let you safely and collaboratively edit your customer data across all your business systems from a centralized place.

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How it works



Select data sources to connect to



Edit data via a single spreadsheet UI



Sync all data back in one-click

Why Dropbase?

Editing customer data in multiple systems is painful

Logging in to multiple systems to edit data about the same customer is painful and inconsistent. Dropbase gives you a simple spreadsheet interface to edit all your customer data in one place.

Changing data in live systems is risky

Making live edits in production systems is fast but dangerous. It is also hard to collaborate on due to access issues. The outcome is low quality customer data. Dropbase gives your team a secure way to edit and sync data across all your systems.

Admin panels are complicated and take too long to build

Do you really need to (re)build admin panels to just toggle a flag or extend a trial? Edit customer data safely without building anything. Do it on the easiest and most user-friendly admin panel on earth — the spreadsheet.

Database Manager, filter, view data
Edit all your customer data from databases & web apps, in one place.


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