Data processing made simple

Process online and offline data using a simple, powerful spreadsheet interface with tons of pre-built functions. See exactly how your data changes as you apply cleaning steps.

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Never clean the same data from CSV, Excel or online source twice.

Automatically track and reuse cleaning steps

Dropbase Worksheets track all your data cleaning steps. You can apply the same steps over and over again so you never have to clean the same dataset twice.

Dropbase is a data platform to collect, clean, and centralize all your external data.

Anyone can transform data

Dropbase worksheets comes with pre-built cleaning Steps (functions) out of the box. No coding required.

Dropbase's spreadsheet UI with pre-built data cleaning steps

Custom functions in Python or SQL

Create even more powerful transformation functions using custom functions.

Dropbase lets you process your data using custom SQL functions

Edit individual cells

Modify individual cells or input data through our spreadsheet interface so you can make sure every single cell has the right data.

Edit individual data cells in Dropbase

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