The Unified Data Editor (UDE)

Dropbase is the first cloud-based Unified Data Editor (UDE) that connects to all your customer data in production. It lets you safely and collaboratively make edit to your customer data across all systems — databases, web apps, and APIs — all from a single spreadsheet interface.

All your customer data from DBs, apps, and APIs, in one place

View and edit all your customer data in one place. Easily switch between systems in the same view. No more logging in to multiple systems to edit data about the same customer.

All data in one place

A spreadsheet interface to intuitively edit all your data

Use an intuitive and uniform interface to edit all of your customer data with ease.

Database Manager, filter, view data

Cloud-based and collaborative workflows

Safely collaborate with your team to edit and keep your customer data up-to-date. Invite editors, approve/reject edits, and sync data back to your systems, all from your browser.

Sync all data back to prod

Data integrity

Commits changes, issue (data) pull requests, approve merges, view edit logs/history, and resolve editing conflicts — all inspired by Git.

Safe edits screenshot

Data validations

Highly customizable, type-aware, user-defined data validations. They can be layered atop existing validations imposed by your prod system

Data validation screenshot
Edit all your customer data from databases & web apps, in one place.