Team Workspaces

Data collaboration has never been so easy

Sharing database credentials or login info isn't secure. Instead, invite team members to your Workspace and collaborate safely on data cleaning and processing.

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Create multiple workspaces and easily switch between them

Your own private team database

Each Workspace comes with a private, isolated database so you can collaborate with your team in one place.

Easily manage billing and usage from one place

Build data flows collaboratively

Build new data cleaning steps, or continue from where a teammate has left off.

Dropbase collaborative features. A workspace member can start cleaning data and another member can finish the task

Reusable custom functions

Save custom functions and share with the rest of your team.

Dropbase lets you process your data using custom SQL functions

Share data views

Query data using a worksheet, and share it with anyone in your team. Dropbase comes with unlimited viewers.

Share data views with Dropbase

Securely share data with the people who need it

Grant team members and external partners different levels of access to your projects to collaborate securely.

Invite collaborators to dropbase as viewers, editors, and admins

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Collect, clean, and centralize all your external data.
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