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Query Spreadsheets with SQL

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Import CSV and Excel files to a SQL database instantly

As your CSV and Excel files become too large, they are harder to open without your computer crashing. Easily import them to Dropbase as a separate table, or combine them into one large table. Access them from anywhere with an internet connection. Then, you can even connect to your imported files from your favorite tools that require a database connection.

Analyze and query your CSV/Excel files with SQL

Whether you are just learning SQL with your own data or performing serious data analysis, use Dropbase to run SQL queries across all your imported Excel and CSV files. You can easily save the output of your SQL statements as live Views that are easily accessible from the Dropbase Database Manager.

Get a hosted Postgres database with 1 click

SQL databases are extremely powerful but difficult and tedious to set up for business teams. Dropbase empower them to quickly spin up a fully-featured SQL database that's hosted in the cloud with zero engineering effort. Create a Dropbase Workspace with 1 click, and get access to a powerful Postgres database instance in our managed cluster.

Stop building admin panels that become outdated quickly. Learn how Dropbase helps move your operations faster.