Introducing Database Manager - Manage All Your Data in One Simple Place

Database Managers gives you a brand new view of your data and lets you make live edits as well. Let's see how.

Dude, Where's my Database?

Viewing your data in most modern tools that import or create databases hasn't caught up to the 21st century. Some popular tools, like Airtable, don't share a database view. They instead focus on sharing an abstraction on top of the underlying data. This route prevents making quick changes to how your data is stored: moving a table from one folder to another, or deleting an entire folder of tables.

Other tools have an antiquated view of databases. They have a frustrating tree view that prevents easily switching between databases or changing the underlying data structure.

So how do you create a view for your databases that gives you the power of immediate changes to your data and its structure while also giving you a big picture view of the data?

The Solution: Database Manager

Database Manager allows you to view and modify your databases and data all in one place. To navigate from databases to tables, you can just click through the left-hand side manager to reach your desired location:

You can also modify the database's file structure by adding/removing folders and tables. All of these changes apply immediately to your data warehouse. You just have to click refresh on your downstream connector to see the change for yourself.

In this video, we're going to show another use case for database manager: making live edits to your data.

As you can see, database editors can stage edits to the database with comments, and then the database admin can approve the edits to finally submit them. These changes affect the underlying data warehouse immediately. Making live edits in Dropbase allows for a clear history of which team member makes what edits, and for what reason. This makes manual data entry a lot easier than juggling flat files around.

Database Manager, in conclusion

Database Manager allows you to view your data intuitively and change the structure easier than most database management tools out there. You can share viewing permissions to your team members, and give others edit access to the data. It also allows your entire team to stage edits directly on the data warehouse, making manual data entry a lot more convenient.

If you'd like to try out Database Manager or any of our other features, sign up for a trial here.

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