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How To Pick An Optimal Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform - What are they and how do you pick the optimal one for your company?

Given the critical role data serves today, effective data management strategies and a robust data management provider are essential for every organization, regardless of size or industry.

Here is a checklist of ten key features you should consider when selecting a Data Management Provider (DMP):

Integration Options

  1. [ ] Does your DMP export data across platforms you're already using?
  2. [ ] Does your DMP allow you to send your data to any Demand Side Platforms (DSP) or activation channel, or are you limited to certain sources?
  3. [ ] How many platforms is your DMP integrated with?
  4. [ ] How flexible are the APIs from your DMP?

Local Support

  1. [ ] Will you have consistent support throughout the DMP implementation and beyond?
  2. [ ] Are you be able to schedule help calls and meetings with your provider on a regular basis?
  3. [ ] Who will be your main point of contact at the DMP once you sign the contract?

Data Collection

  1. [ ] What kind of data processing can your DMP handle?
  2. [ ] Does your DMP aggregate and organize first-party data from any source - online, offline, CRM, registration lists, mobile, and even TV?
  3. [ ] Does your DMP allow easy access to second and third-party data?
  4. [ ] How much of the data collection process is automated?
  5. [ ] Does your DMP offer a parent/child architecture in terms of data organization?

Audience Insights and Profiling

  1. [ ] What type of analytics does your DMP offer - eg. audience behaviours, demographics, interests?
  2. [ ] Can you access your audience insights before AND after running a campaign?
  3. [ ] Are reports visually appealing? Informative? Exportable?
  4. [ ] Can you contrast your audience against first- and third-party data sources to build learn more about who they are and how you can provide the most value for them?
  5. [ ] Can you segment your audience precisely to build actionable intel for future campaigns and strategies?

Campaign Optimization

  1. [ ] What tools does your DMP offer you for manual and automatic optimization once your campaign is running?
  2. [ ] How well do these optimization tools work?
  3. [ ] Can you view which DSPs and media channels perform the best?


  1. [ ] Does your DMP allow you to build customized retargeting campaigns based on specific activities and behaviours your audience has taken online or offline?


  1. [ ] Can you access third-party audience data to reach a specific audience?
  2. [ ] Is this a seamless process that can be achieved directly through the platform?
  3. [ ] How many relevant data partners does the DMP have?
  4. [ ] What is the reach available per country and per vertical?
  5. [ ] What is the split between desktop and mobile ID profiles?

Second-Party Data Access

  1. [ ] Does your DMP offer access to second-party data inside the platform?
  2. [ ] Does your DMP facilitate these relationships, or do you have to find the participating customers and parties directly?
  3. [ ] Is the second-party marketplace connected to multiple DSPs? Or is the second-party data locked into the DMP, and only available between DMP users?
  4. [ ] Does your DMP allow you to create your own private data marketplace?

Third-Party Data Access

  1. [ ] Does your DMP offer third-party data sources?
  2. [ ] What types of third-party providers are offered?
  3. [ ] How many providers does your DMP provide within each vertical?


  1. [ ] Does your DMP increase personalized services for customers?
  2. [ ] Does your DMP respond quickly and professionally?
  3. [ ] Does your DMP provide strong cross-device solutions?

Top Tools To Perform Data Management

To ensure that your data management tasks are executed effectively, it is beneficial to use proven vendors. These data management platforms are listed below:

  1. Lotame: Lotame is the leading provider of data management solutions for global enterprises. Lotame provides integrated data technologies, cross-screen leverage of second and third-party data exchanges, and high-touch customer service for marketers, agencies and media companies.
  2. Audience Studio: Audience Studio, formerly known as Salesforce DMP, is a powerful data management platform that allows users to strengthen customer relationships across every touchpoint. It allows users to build better customer experiences across all channels, powered by data from any source.
  3. OnAudience: OnAudience is a global data management provider of high-quality and custom audience segments for digital advertisers and data enrichment solutions. The platform is offered as a SaaS model, uses Big Data and AI algorithms, and allows users to target segments in programmatic campaigns.
  4. SAS Data Management: SAS Data Management is one of the oldest DMPs available, well-known as a reliable data management tool by industry professionals. It is a cloud-based solution that enables ETL processing, access management, debugging and more.
  5. Adobe Audience Manager: Adobe Audience Manager is the most comprehensively designed DMP available for advertisers and publishers. Designed for all business sizes, Adobe Audience Manager helps create and identify customer segmentation and utilize it across all channels.

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