Discover the New Home for Dropbase's Data Features

Attention Dropbase users: we'll walk you through our revamped UI and show you where to find all of your favorite classic tools, now available in one convenient location. Get ready to enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow to take your data management to the next level.

New Spreadsheet View

Dropbase Spreadsheet UI View

Quickly and safely edit your customer data across databases & web apps in a unified spreadsheet UI. This new view offers many new features while simplifying Dropbase’s classic features even further. The newest development to dropbase transforms the product to be a Unified Data Editor (UDE), or in simpler terms - a Smart Table.

Renaming Your Workspace

Dropbase Workspace Settings

Your workspace settings are now available in the dropdown menu by the top-left screen. Here you are able to:

  • Rename your workspace & add description
  • Invite team members and assign roles
  • Manage billing
  • Add Integrations
  • Manage data validations

Import Data & Dropmail

Dropbase Import Data & Dropmail

Clicking the dropdown menu on the right-hand side will reveal the import data function and provide the Dropmail address. You can still drag-and-drop (DND) files to the spreadsheet or also refer to the import data button. Copying the Dropmail address in the dropdown will allow you to continue using Dropmail as a convenient way to import data.

Table Settings & Imports/Exports

Dropbase Table Settings & Imports & Exports

A couple more features are now collapsed in a kebab menu on the right-hand side such as the ability to export tables to CSV files, view table settings and import logs.

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