Dropbase Data Platform

A new operating system for data

End-to-end platform for data import and management.

 Dropbase is a collaborative data platform that helps import, validate, and explore all your data in a single powerful database.

CSV & Excel to Database

Easily import all your CSV or Excel files to a fast, scalable, and full-featured SQL database. It only takes a few clicks and anyone can do it without scripts nor technical help.

Drag and drop csv and excel file into a Dropbase table

Database Included

Create a workspace with Dropbase and automatically get a powerful cloud database that's ready to use and integrate. No engineering required.

Database Manager, filter, view data

Column Mapper

Automatically map columns from imported CSVs or Excel to columns in your database. Now with predicative matching to automate even more of your work.

Automatic data cleaning

Validations & Checks

Create validation checks to run against any imported file to ensure you get data exactly the way you need it in the database.

Error highlighting and data validation

Smart Cleaning Steps

Choose which Excel tab or where the header and data rows start. Add from a growing library of pre-build cleaning steps. Once a cleaning recipe is built, we automatically remember and apply it to future imports.

Handle complex excel files with tab, header, and data selection

Merge Data

Build a large golden dataset by importing many smaller files over time. Keep the dataset up to date with the latest data and without worrying about duplicate entries.  

Merge two tables into one without duplicates

Query Workbooks

Once your data is imported, use workbooks and query blocks to explore the data, create new views, or analyze it.

Query data using SQL blocks


Email CSVs or Excel files directly to your database, with all cleaning steps automatically applied. Works like magic.

Email data to a database


Integrate your Dropbase data with your favorite BI tools, data apps, or custom applications. Securely democratize data access.

Integrations to various analytics and data apps
Automate your CSV and Excel data operations today.