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Manage Master Datasets

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Build and maintain master datasets

Centralize all your files into a database that scales with your data. Easily organize database tables into folders, and generate live Views of your data for specific needs. Create subsets of your master datasets and share with your team, customers, or external partners on demand.

Filter and sort through large spreadsheets

Filter, sort, and browse through all your data from an intuitive spreadsheet UI. It just takes a few clicks to find the exact data you are looking for. No more opening multiple Excel files to find your customer or transactional data.

Merge data to keep it up-to-date, without duplicates

Choose exactly how your data is imported into the database. Insert, insert and update, update, overwrite, etc. All with just a few clicks. Dropbase remembers how you import data to specific tables, so next time you need to import more data to the same table, you won't need to re-enter your load settings.

Stop building admin panels that become outdated quickly. Learn how Dropbase helps move your operations faster.