How it works


Manage data within an analytics-ready database

Databases are powerful but they are complicated to set up and manage without help from engineering or IT. With Dropbase, setting up a database is as easy as creating an account. Manage, grow, and secure all your data in your database with the simplest interface in the market.

Manage your database tables the way you manage files in your computer

Database Manager lets you access, organize, and manage all your data and tables in a intuitive interface. If you've used your computer's file manager, you will be able to work with a database.

SQL views in database manager

Move your data to a secure database, instantly

Load any data to your own database with just one click. Import data from CSVs or Excel files into a modern data stack that’s you control.

Integrations to various analytics and data apps

Securely share and collaborate on data

Grant team members and external partners different levels of access to collaborate securely and efficiently in one place. In-sheet collaboration allows you to share data views, track changes and have various levels of approvals built-in.

Collaboration features with Dropbase. Invite teammates to collaborate on data cleaning
Automate your CSV and Excel data operations today.