How it works


Import and Request Data Seamlessly

Import or Request data from customers and partners faster than ever. Automatically ingest data from CSVs and Excel files, clean, and load them directly to your database - no manual work needed. Never clean the same data twice.

Never clean the same data twice

We don't like cleaning those weekly CSV exports again (and again). Neither do you. Dropbase automatically applies pre-set cleaning steps to incoming data, so you can automate all of your data imports.

Automatic data cleaning

Request data from external partners faster than ever

Gathering external data involves way too many emails. Dropbase allows you to request data from clients, suppliers, distributors, teammates and vendors through a simple drag and drop feature.

Email data to a database

Import and create database tables in seconds

Creating live database tables has never been so easy. Use our spreadsheet interface or upload data to create tables instantly.

Create table, add types, select validation checks
Automate your CSV and Excel data operations today.