How it works

Connect to your customer data

Select the table or objects you'd like to stage. Dropbase automatically creates a safe staging table to edit.

Add validation checks

Add validation checks to the columns you need. You can use built-in check or create custom ones such as numerical ranges or regular expressions.

Invite editors to edit tables

Invite users and finish staging the table. We mirror your prod tables on a staging database we provide.

Editor edits data or imports files via spreadsheet UI

The invited editor can then make edits, insert rows, or import data from CSV/Excel files. No edits can be committed to the table if data doesn't pass validation.

Resolve conflicts between staging and prod

If there were any changes in prod while the Editor was making staging changes, we'll summary any conflicts and let you address them individually.

Sync edits back to your systems

When all staging and prod conflicts have been addressed, you can sync data to prod. Your prod will be safely updated with edits.

Edit all your customer data from databases & web apps, in one place.