Import & Request Data

Import CSV/Excel data to your database instantly. Request data from customers and partners via email or through an upload link. Automatically clean and load data to your database - no manual work needed.

Import CSV/Excel files to database in seconds

Create a live database, and quickly import data with a few clicks.

Create table, add types, select validation checks

Request data from customers and partners with Dropzone

External data requests takes too much back and forth. Set up a Dropzone to simplify this process. Collaborate with clients, suppliers, distributors, and vendors to get the data your team need.

Request data from external parties with Dropzone Data Requests by Dropbase

Automatically forward files to your database

Email messy CSV or Excel files directly to your database, with automatic mapping and cleaning so your data is always ready to use in your database.

Email data to a database


Clean & Validate Data

Clean and validate messy CSV/Excel data the way your teams and systems need it. Speed up the process with automatic column mapping, data validation checks, and remembering cleaning steps so you never clean the same data twice.

Highlight data validation errors

Highlight all data validation errors and quickly fix them by adding cleaning steps or individual cell edits.

Error highlighting and data validation

Remember data cleaning steps

Dropbase learns your cleaning steps as you apply them. If a previous cleaning recipe works, we'll automatically run it.

Automatic data cleaning

Automatic column mapping

Automatically map file columns to your database columns. Dropbase predicts and suggests which columns to map.

Automatic data cleaning

Built-in data validations for common business data

Use built-in validations such as names, emails, or phone numbers to quickly validate common data values. Extend with easy to build custom validations or get fancy with regex.

Create table, add types, select validation checks


Connect and Manage Data

Connect your imported and cleaned data with your favorite data tools or no-code app builders. Easily filter, sort, and query tables and save them as live views that automatically update as you import more data.

Integrate with your favorite tools and no code data apps

Easily integrate with your favorite data tools. We make it easy to get clean data where you need it so you can focus on making your data useful.

Integrations to various analytics and data apps

Filter, sort, and browse all your data with a spreadsheet UI

Filter, sort and browse through all your data with a few clicks. No table is too large for Dropbase so you don't need to store data across multiple spreadsheets.

Database Manager, filter, view data

Query with SQL. Save as Views

Query tables with SQL, and save results as Views that stay updated as you import more data to your tables.

SQL views in database manager
Import your messy CSV and Excel files to databases.