Democratize Team Data Access

Ready-to-use data without engineering effort

Depending on others for data or being a bottleneck to data access slows down your business. Use Dropbase to make data accessible to your data teams, without compromising on security, flexibility, or scalability.

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Drag and drop files or connect to online sources such as Shopify, Postgres, and Salesforce

Don't wait on engineering

Dropbase makes it easy for anyone to set up a database and build data pipelines. Connect to data sources, move data, and much more without code or setting up complex data infrastructure.

Deploy data cleaning steps as pipelines with Dropbase

As simple as a spreadsheet

Use our intuitive spreadsheet interface to work with your data in a familiar way. Coding is optional.

Dropbase is a data platform to collect, clean, and centralize all your external data.

A solution that scales with your team

Dropbase uses an industry-leading data warehouse to store your data. No matter how many users, or how much data, Dropbase scales with you.

Easily manage billing and usage from one place

Collaborate like never before

Manage access to different database tables, collaborate on building pipelines, send scheduled data requests to partners, and much more. Enable your team to do more with your data.

Collaboration features with Dropbase. Invite teammates to collaborate on data cleaning

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