Data Analysts

Take control of your data pipelines

Spend less time cleaning and ingesting data, and more time putting it to use. Dropbase makes it easy to load, transform, and store all your data.

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Drag and drop files or connect to online sources such as Shopify, Postgres, and Salesforce

Automate your data ingestion

Automatically process data from internal and external sources into your database. Stop searching through your folders or emails and start centralizing your data.

Deploy data pipelines with Dropbase to quickly clean data

Bad data, no problem

Add pre-built or custom cleaning and transformation steps to automate your pipelines. And if there is a conflict, easily handle it in Dropbase in a familiar spreadsheet view.

Dropbase is a data platform to collect, clean, and centralize all your external data.

Connect your database to powerful BI tools

Connect Dropbase database to your existing data visualization, BI, and auto-ML tools.

Connect to your favorite analytics, BI tools, custom apps, and internal app builders

Gather external data with ease

Use Dropzone to request data from partners and automate the cleaning process. Collect data that you can actually use - directly in your database.

Request data from external parties with Dropzone Data Requests by Dropbase

No code needed

Create a database, set up automated transformation steps, send data requests to partners and much more. All without writing a single line of code.

Dropbase's spreadsheet UI with pre-built data cleaning steps

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Automatically collect, clean, and centralize your data with Dropbase today