How it works


Clean and validate messy data just the way your systems need it

With Dropbase, you can clean and validate your data with just a few clicks - no engineering required. Use pre-built cleaning and validations, or create custom ones to suit your systems' requirements.

Highlight data validation errors

Highlight all data validation errors and quickly fix them by adding cleaning steps or individual cell edits.

Error highlighting and data validation

Automatically remember cleaning steps

Dropbase remembers cleaning steps as you apply them to your data so you never have to clean data with the same schema twice. If a previous cleaning recipe works, we'll automatically suggest it.

Automatic data cleaning

Automatic column mapping

Automatically map data source column to your destination columns. Dropbase predicts and suggests which columns to map using fuzzy mapping.

Automatic data cleaning

Built-in data validations for common business data

Use built-in validations such as names, emails, or phone numbers to quickly validate common data values. Extend validation functionality with custom validations that allow any valid regex string pattern.

Create table, add types, select validation checks

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