Business Operations

Let your data work for you

Get set up with Dropbase in minutes, without writing any code. Gather data from external partners and automate data cleaning and centralization to improve your business operations.

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Dropbase's spreadsheet UI with pre-built data cleaning steps

Gather data without large email attachments

Automatically request data on a schedule from customers, vendors, distributors. Automatically ingest incoming data and apply customizable cleaning steps along the way.

Request data from external parties with Dropzone Data Requests by Dropbase

Automate your data processing and cleaning

Build data flows to automate the process of ingesting files to put in your database. Consolidating order forms, sales figures, loyalty and royalty payment data has never been easier.

Dropbase is a data platform to collect, clean, and centralize all your external data.

Centralize your data without having to set up your own database

Let Dropbase do the heavy lifting of setting up the right data infrastructure. Create tables in seconds, no engineering required.

Deploy data pipelines with Dropbase to quickly clean data

Share data and collaborate

Grant team members and external partners different levels of access to your projects to securely collaborate and exchange data.

Invite collaborators to dropbase as viewers, editors, and admins

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Automatically collect, clean, and centralize your data with Dropbase today