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Automate Spreadsheet Workflows

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Automate CSV/Excel data workflows

It's tedious to repeat the same set of manual steps when processing CSV/Excel files. Dropbase automates part or all of your workflow using data pipelines. Pipelines are a set of import, clean, and load instructions that you can easily build with a few clicks. Think of them as recipes of how to process your incoming data that can be automatically applied.

Combine, compare, or merge CSV/Excel files

Whether you need to centralize, combine, compare spreadsheets, or merge data to build master datasets, Dropbase gives you flexible ways to import, filter, and query all your data. With Dropbase Views, you can display data in a way that suits your specific case. Data in Views is automatically updated when the underlying table updates as a result of a data import.

Clean and validate CSV/Excel files

Dropbase performs automatic column mapping between the incoming file and the destination table in the database. It also remembers previously used cleaning steps, so you don't have to clean data with the same column schema twice.

Extract data from complex Excel files

It's common to see Excel files where the data you need is in different tabs. Common problems with extracting data from Excel files is that the first row isn't always the header row. And sometimes data rows aren't placed right after the header row. Dropbase helps you extract data from more complex Excel files so you get the data you need.

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